Terrorists in South Carolina Must Register Before Overthrowing Government

(ChattahBox)—The State of South Carolina, home to Appalachian Trial hiker Governor Mark Sanford, and “You Lie” Joe Wilson wants to keep track of terrorists and subversives residing in the Palmetto state. And in a stroke of bureaucratic Orwellian genius, lawmakers have found a way to monitor terrorist activity. It’s called the “Subversive Activities Registration Act,” and requires that subversives pay a $5.00 filing fee and register with the Secretary of State, before overthrowing the government. Genius, right?

The South Carolina blog FitsNews, was right on top of this latest development in a bible-thumping state that has its share of colorful characters and right-wing political blockheads. Just recently, Republican Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, who is making a run for governor, compared hungry poor people in his state to stray cats and dogs who breed when fed.

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Here's the link to the law. Hat tip Tony Doob. Tom

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