Justice Department Closes the Book on CIA Torture and Deaths in Custody

The Justice Department has closed a probe on Bush-era torture and killings by CIA agents, and has decided against prosecuting anyone.

Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement that the Justice Department “declined prosecution because the admissible evidence would not be sufficient to obtain and sustain a ­conviction beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The probe was opened in 2009, and looked at the cases of about 100 prisoners. The last two cases looked at are now officially closed, with no charges coming.

The probe of the CIA was the Obama administration’s only effort to look at prosecuting those who implemented the Bush regime of torture on alleged militants and terrorists captured in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the administration never considered going after those top-level administration officials who crafted the rationale behind the torture of prisoners, which violated US and international law.

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Seems the only people getting prosecuted in the U.S. these days are protestors, and demonstrators.  Tom

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