Breaking Up Fight, Police Officer Pepper-Sprays Students at Narbonne High

The fight between two girls escalated and a female police officer used pepper spray when it couldn't be quelled, witnesses said

Several dozen students were treated for respiratory and eye irritation after a police officer used pepper spray to get through a crowd to a fight at a Harbor City high school, according fire and school district officials.

A fire department spokesman and a Los Angeles Unified School District spokeswoman both stated the treatment took place after a school police officer used pepper spray at about 10 a.m. Thursday at Narbonne High School.

In a statement issued at 3 p.m., LAUSD said a fight between two female students broke out during morning nutrition break:

"The fight attracted a large crowd that surrounded the incident, preventing the Los Angeles School Police Officer from coming to the aid of the fallen student. The crowd did not heed commands to disperse by school staff or the officer. Concerned for the safety of the fallen student and for the officer’s own safety, the officer dispensed a short burst of pepper spray into the air to disperse the crowd."


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