The Case Against Cracking Down On An Anti-Abortion Group That Deceived Voters

Susan B. Anthony List (SBA), an anti-abortion group, wanted to run a billboard claiming that former Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH) “voted FOR taxpayer-funded abortion.” But their proposed billboard did not tell the truth. The basis for SBA’s allegation was that the Affordable Care Act, which Driehaus supported, somehow authorized funding for abortions. But this is simply untrue. Not only does the federal Hyde Amendment forbid federal funding of abortion, but Obamacare also contains two additional provisions limiting abortion coverage. It permits each state to forbid health plans sold on the Obamacare exchange in their state from covering abortion entirely, and it requires states that do allow these plans to cover abortion to separate out federal funding to ensure that not one penny of it goes to fund abortion.
So SBA was either lying when they made this allegation against Driehaus, or they did not understand how the Affordable Care Act works.

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