Inaugural Volume of The University Of Toronto Undergraduate Criminology Review

Table of Contents
  •   A Traditional Legal Examination of the Intoxication Defence, by Daiana Kostova
  • The Complexity of Child Sexual Offending: Rehabilitation and Pedophilia, by Alexander Evangelista
  • Dispelling Stereotypes About Undocumented Mexican Immigrants: How Irregular Migration and Criminalization is Perpetuated Due to American Economic and Political Policies, by Alexis Drueger
  • Evolutionary Origins of Neutralization Techniques, by Piotr Patrzyk
  • Making the Strange Familiar and the Familiar Strange: The Media's Exploitation of Fairy Narratives to "Understand" and "Extend the Understanding of" Female Psychopaths, by Grace Tran
  • Canadian Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Relations: Genocidal Intent, by Wanda Hounslow
  • Analyzing the Morals Pertaining to the Legal Consideration of the Sexual Assault of a Sex Worker as Theft, by Bryan Ekeh

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