Criminal Justice and Technology

 City Surveillance Watch: Balancing Act (podcast)

"In this first episode of City Surveillance Watch, a new limited podcast series, Kate Kaye explores the inherent dichotomy of data-hungry technologies that can be considered forms of surveillance."

From Facial Recognition, to Predictive Technologies, Big Data Policing is Rife with Technical, Ethical, and Political Landmines

"In mid-2019, an investigative journalism/tech non-profit called MuckRock and Open the Government (OTG), a non-partisan advocacy group, began submitting freedom of information requests to law enforcement agencies across the United States. The goal: to smoke out details about the use of an app rumoured to offer unprecedented facial recognition capabilities to anyone with a smartphone."

2021 Cybersecurity and IT Failures Roundup

"The pandemic year just passed once again demonstrates that IT-related failures are universally unprejudiced. Companies large and small, sectors private and public, reputations stellar and scorned: none are exempt. Herewith, the failures, interruptions, crimes and other IT-related setbacks that made the news in 2020."

How China Uses AI to Identify "Suspicious" Muslims for Predictive Policing

"Chinese authorities have been using predictive software to select Muslim minorities for detention based on seemingly innocuous behaviour, according to a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) released on Wednesday."

Getting the Future Right - Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Rights

"Artificial intelligence (AI) already plays a role in deciding what unemployment benefits someone gets, where a burglary is likely to take place, whether someone is at risk of cancer, or who sees that catchy advertisement for low mortgage rates. Its use keeps growing, presenting seemingly endless possibilities. But we need to make sure to fully uphold fundamental rights standards when using AI. This report presents concrete examples of how companies and public administrations in the EU are using, or trying to use, AI. It focuses on four core areas - social benefits, predictive policing, health services and targeted advertising."

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