State Crime Journal. Special Issue: The Covid-19 Pandemic and State Crime (Open Access)

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  • State Crime, Structural Violence and COVID-19
  • Do Prisoners' Lives Matter? Examining the Intersection of Punitive Policies, Racial Disparities and COVID-19 as State Organized Race Crime
  • State Crime, Native Americans and COVID-19
  • Dying for the Economy: Disposable People and Economies of Death in the Global North
  • Violating Food System Workers' Rights in the Time of COVID-10: The Quest for State Accountability
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic in Puerto Rico: Exceptionality, Corruption and State-Corporate Crime
  • COVID-19 and the U.S. Health Care Industry: Towards a "Critical Health Criminology" within State Crime Studies
  • Amplified Vulnerabilities and Reconfigured Relations: COVID-19, Torture Prevention and Human Rights in the Global South
  • The Harms of State, Free-Market Common Sense and COVID-19

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