Canada is Torturing Inmates with Solitary Confinement, Report Finds

Link to Vice Article

Link to Report by Anthony Doob and Jane Sprott

"Nearly one-in-ten federal inmates who are placed in the 'structured intervention units' designed by the Trudeau government to replace solitary confinement cells are actually being tortured, a new report says.

The new research confirms what inmates and prisoner advocates have been saying for years: Canada isn't following its own laws, various court rulings, or international standards around the treatment of inmates. It is even violating a UN convention on torture that it helped write.

The new report, authored by criminologists Anthony Doob and Jane Sprott, called the findings 'very disturbing,'

The study looked at how often inmates were placed in those cells, how long they spent there, and whether they received any meaningful human contact during their stay."

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