Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Taser rules for Toronto police

Officers instructed to aim lower and avoid firing at suspects' chests

Published On Tue Oct 13 2009

Toronto Police have changed their Taser-use policy, instructing officers to avoid hitting the upper chest of a suspect when using the weapon.

The change was made over two weeks ago after Taser International, Inc., the weapon's U.S. manufacturer, issued a bulletin instructing users not to aim the weapon at the chest of a suspect to avoid impact to the heart.

"What (the bulletin) says is to aim slightly lower and stay away from the upper chest area," said police spokesman Mark Pugash.

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This story will not be a surprise to Crimbrary readers. There have been far too many fatalities in Taser incidents. And now after denying any problem Taser finally says to not aim for the chest of a suspect. Crimbrary says this weapon should be banned for domestic police forces. Tom

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