Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crimbrary Named Top 50 Criminology Blog

What is criminology other than a look into the past to gather evidence that might support justice for crime victims? Simple, that theory, but fraught with human elements, lack of evidence, a legal system that may not work effectively and criminals who, sometimes, are too lucky to be caught with their crimes. This list of the top 50 criminology blogs looks at all those issues and more.

Specifically Criminology

  1. Bent Society: Based in Great Britain, this blog is maintained by a “growing band of concerned and dedicated undercover criminologists” and others who provide insight into UK crime.
  2. Cambridge’s Ph.D. Candidates’ Criminology Blog: This blog calendars events for a specific audience, but it also offers public news and commentary on criminology.
  3. Centre of Criminology Library Blog: The University of Toronto provides a blog resource for news, research and opinion about criminology.
  4. Chris Uggen’s Blog: Learn more about sociology, criminology and “self-indulgery” from Christopher Uggen, a professor in Minnesota.
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