Philly Cop Punches Woman in Mouth

Who needs pepper spray or tasers if you are a cop in need of protection yourself against a small Latino woman whom violently assaults you with -- water (allegedly).

Tasers and pepper spray could bring unwarranted attention, at least from blogs and twitter. Better to take that water like an man and then go sucker punch the woman thug instead. Watch this video from the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Philly over the weekend. Please note the size of the woman in comparison to the size of the police officer who comes up from behind her and delivers the kind of "illegal blow" from his fist that the Marquis of Queensbury Rules don't permit in authorized matches between professional boxers:

Excessive force anyone? Just remember this. Next time you are at a parade, if you accidentally spill your soda on a cop, or god forbid, brush up against him or her in a tight space, even without any intent to do so, this could be you. Was the woman who "allegedly" tossed water at the cop behaving badly? Sure. Did the police officer really need to escalate the situation by punching her in the face from behind as she walked away causing her to bleed profusely, possibly giving her concussion? He was after all (to my eyes anyway) roughly twice her size, in weight class alone.
You tell me. You tell me.

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Follow the link for video.  Tom

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Anonymous said...

Watch the video - the water did not even come from that woman but from someone on the sidewalk. She was soaked with the same.