Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Evidence and Investigation: From the Crime Scene to the Courtroom

This is a new book by Kerry Watkins a Centre Alumnus.

Evidence and Investigation: From the Crime Scene to the Courtroom
With an author team consisting of a police investigator, an experienced criminal defence lawyer, and a forensic scientist (all teaching in their fields), Evidence and Investigation: From the Crime Scene to the Courtroom describes the factors that make evidence valuable in the courtroom and points to the common pitfalls that can weaken an otherwise promising investigation. This new text also explores the many uses of forensic science in an investigation, with current and high-profile examples such as the Russell Williams case and, even more recently, the Shafia family case.
The book is divided into three parts that introduces readers to the legal considerations and best practices in collecting evidence at the crime scene and throughout an investigation, and presenting it in a courtroom. Part I provides a working knowledge of the law of evidence, explaining the basics of a criminal trial, types of evidence, and the rules governing admissibility.
Part II includes a description of the current law governing search and seizure activities and the requirements for Charter-compliant searches. The importance of continuity and the collection of evidence free of taint is underscored, as is the importance of accurate record-keeping. The authors outline the most current information on digital evidence, DNA evidence, crime labs, death investigations, and the forensic sciences. The rules and techniques that apply to conducting interviews with both witness and suspects are clearly set out.
Part III returns to the courtroom, focusing on cross-examination and providing prospective officers with an understanding of this often-gruelling and little-understood stage of a trial. This part provides a wealth of advice on how to function professionally in the witness box and give evidence fully, fairly, and firmly.
For instructors, this text comes with a comprehensive Instructor's Guide, PowerPoint presentations, and a test bank.

Here is a link to the publishing info.

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