Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fifteen Tory motions to know about from the convention

Gathering in Calgary, Conservative delegates passed a series of motions aimed at carrying the party through the next election.

The policies were accepted or spiked on Saturday, the final of three days that the country's major players met in Calgary. The policies tackled a range of subjects, and could – or could not – ultimately steer the Conservative government. Here's a look at what passed – and one that didn't.

1. Sex-selective abortion

In a motion by the riding association of pro-life B.C. MP Mark Warawa, delegates agreed to support a motion to condemn sex-selective abortion. The motion read: "The Conservative Party condemns discrimination against girls through gender selection."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has repeatedly said his government won't reopen the abortion debate, and Mr. Warawa said flatly "no" when asked if the motion did. "I'm very pleased that the Conservative Party of Canada has condemned the practice of sex selection, gender selection," Mr. Warawa said, adding: "Everyone should condemn the terrible practice of saying that girls aren't as valuable as boys. And that's repulsive and it should be condemned."

However, another pro-life MP, Rob Anders of Calgary West, didn't reject the notion that the move could reopen the abortion debate.

"I think there are a lot of social conservatives who are supporters of the party, and those people need to know that they feel the love here," he said. Pressed again on whether it reopens the abortion debate, he replied: "I've given you a statement. You can do with it what you want."

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