Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Audrey Macklin: European Politicians Envy Canada's Points System for Migrants. But how well has it Worked?
"When political parties across the world complain about their own country’s 'inefficient' way of coping with immigration, they frequently refer to us in Canada. The points system' of selecting permanent immigrants according to their human capital – as calculated according to age, education, occupation, language ability and optional job offer – holds out the promise that the immigration system can do what eugenics could not: control entry into the political community of only the best and the brightest. And the fact that a Conservative government manages to cater to its anti-immigrant base while cultivating a substantial immigrant vote arouses curiosity and envy among European politicians of all stripes....

...Yet much of this must now be framed in the past tense, because the present Conservative government is busily dismantling the pillars of Canada’s immigration and integration system, including the points system...."

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