Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Canadian Democracy has Declined under PM Harper, say Bourrie, Harris
"Democracy has suffered under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, say two prominent political authors who compared the effect of the Conservative regime over the past nine years to a 'fibrous tumour.'

The criticism came at a Broadbent Institute Progress Summit panel discussion headlined 'The Great Unravelling: Why it Matters How Canada has become Less Democratic.'

Mark Bourrie, author of Kill the Messengers, and Michael Harris, author of Party of One, focused on aspects of Mr. Harper’s (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) governing style that they exposed in their research and writing—the centralization of power in the PMO, Mr. Harper’s extreme-discipline manner of exercising power, the way Mr. Harper has held sway over his MPs as well as the public service and the iron grip he has put on government information and its dissemination."

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