Thursday, April 30, 2015

Delayed Paroles Pose Safety Risk, Cost Taxpayers: AG Report
"Correctional Services Canada has agreed to look into why the vast majority of offenders are remaining behind bars past their first parole eligibility date.

Today’s auditor general’s report detailing Corrections measures for preparing male offenders for release concluded that 80 per cent of male prisoners in Canada are still incarcerated past their first opportunity for parole. And 54 per cent of offenders are being released directly from penitentiary only on their statutory release date – most from medium and maximum security prisons – instead of being slowly introduced back into the community.

This poses a risk to the community, the report concludes. Studies show a slower reintegration of offenders into the community increases their chances of a successful return to life on the outside, and reduces their risk of reoffending.

Delays in parole also increase the load on the taxpayer, as it’s three times more costly to keep a prisoner incarcerated than to supervise him in the community. Since March 2011, custody costs have risen by more than $90 million. Although admissions into federal custody have not increased, the report says the rise in cost is due to offenders serving larger stretches of their sentences behind bars."

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