Friday, May 22, 2015

Punishing the Most Heinous Crimes: Analysis and Recommendations Related to Bill C-53 (Life Means Life Act)
"...The main arguments supporting Bill C-53 are that it: enhances proportionality in murder sentencing; reflects denunciation and retribution in sentencing heinous murders, which are very important sentencing principles for serious and violence crime; spares victims the ordeal of frequent and ongoing automatic parole board hearings for murderers after their parole ineligibility periods have expired; ensures the protection of victims and society; and potentially contributes to general deterrence.

On the other hand, the main concerns about Bill C-53 are that it: is unnecessary and will not increase public safety; denies a second chance to convicted murderers; increases pressure on the corrections system and risk to staff and fellow inmates; includes 'executive release' as an illusory hope and it is unlikely to be used in practice; and infringes the Charter."

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