Friday, June 5, 2015

The Police and Public Discourse on "Black-on-Black" Violence
"A new report released today by Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety (2008-2014), sheds fresh light on media coverage of racial issues, and presents the case for more sober analysis of black-on-black violence when measured as a homicide problem. Also addressed is how misconceptions of black-on-black violence coupled with over- and/or under-policing of black neighborhoods can further erode citizen confidence in the police.

The report, titled 'The Police and Public Discourse on ‘Black-on-Black’ Violence' (pdf) was co-authored by Senior Research Fellow Anthony A. Braga and Rod K. Brunson and funded by the OJP National Institute of Justice (NIJ) as part of the Executive Session’s ‘New Perspectives in Policing’ series."



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