Friday, November 20, 2015

Microsoft says its Software can tell if you're going back to Prison
"Microsoft is pitching its software and cloud data storage to law enforcement agencies.  Researchers say that using data to find crime patterns can help stop burglaries, but using data analysis to 'predict' violent crimes is highly problematic.

In a scenario that seems ripped straight from science fiction, Microsoft says its machine learning software can help law enforcement agencies predict whether an inmate is likely to commit another crime by analyzing his or her prison record. 

In a series of videos and events at policing conferences, such as one on Oct. 6 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Microsoft has been quietly marketing its software and cloud computing storage to law enforcement agencies. 

It says the software could have several uses, such as allowing departments across the country to analyze social media postings and map them in order to develop a profile for a crime suspect.  The push also includes partnerships with law enforcement technology companies, including Taser - the stun gun maker - to provide police with cloud storage for body camera footage that is compliant with federal standards for law enforcement data.

But in a more visionary - or possibly dystopian - approach, the company is also expanding into a growing market for what is often called predictive policing, using data to pinpoint people most likely to be at risk of being involved in future crimes." 

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