Friday, April 22, 2016

Why Chicago's Black Youth Distrust Cops
"The Chicago Police Department’s 'lack of accountability' is the single greatest barrier to building trust with young African Americans, according to a working paper produced for the University of Chicago Legal Forum.

The paper’s authors, Craig B. Futterman (of the University of Chicago Law School), Chaclyn Hunt, and Jamie Kalven (both of the Invisible Institute) interviewed black teens, aged 14-18, from high schools on the South and West Sides of Chicago, particularly Hyde Park Academy, about their experiences with law enforcement—with a focus on the routine daily encounters that shape how kids see the police, and police see them.

The study, entitled 'They Have All the Power': Youth/Police Encounters on Chicago’s South Side, concluded that 'an unceasing police presence forces students to live with the ever-present possibility of being stopped, searched, and treated as a criminal, causing students to feel less than a person and [to] curtail their own actions and behavior to avoid being stopped by the police.'”

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