Monday, December 19, 2016

Study: Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking Among Internet Users Aged 15 to 29 in Canada
"Nearly one in five Internet users aged 15 to 29 reported having been cyberbullied or cyberstalked. Some population groups were more at risk than others to experience these forms of online victimization.

According to data from the 2014 General Social Survey on Canadians' Safety (Victimization), 17% of Internet users in this age group said they had been victims of cyberstalking or cyberbullying in the previous five years. Nearly 100% of youth aged 15 to 29 were Internet users during that period.

The results come from a new study entitled 'Cyberbullying and cyberstalking among Internet users aged 15 to 29 in Canada', the first Statistics Canada study of its type to examine the factors associated with cyberbullying and cyberstalking among youth, and their relationship with various indicators of trust, personal behaviour and mental health."

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