Friday, November 30, 2018

Long-Buried NJ Police Reports Reveal Racial Bias In Use of Force
"African Americans in New Jersey are more than three times as likely to face police force than white people, a news investigation has found.

The conclusions are based on data collected under official state mandate but left in 'filing cabinets and stashed away in cardboard boxes in every corner of the state,' according to a report released today by NJ Advance Media.

The long-buried files are 'a monument to two decades of failure to deliver on a system that promised to provide analysis, oversight and standard practices for using force,' the report said.

'Worse, the central (New Jersey) system that would flag potentially dangerous cops for review was never created.'

A team of reporters at NJ Advance Media spent 16 months examining the data and built  a  comprehensive database of  police use-of-force incidents reported by New Jersey’s 468 local police departments and the state police between 2012 and 2016—a database they say may be the most comprehensive of its kind."


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