A Disparate Impact: Second Interim Report on the Inquiry into Racial Profiling and Racial Discrimination of Black Persons by the Toronto Police Service

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"Black people are more likely to be arrested by the Toronto police.

Black people are more likely to be charged and over-charged by the Toronto Police.

Black people are more likely to be struck, shot or killed by the Toronto police.

Toronto Police Service data, obtained by the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) as part of its inquiry into racial profiling and racial discrimination of Black persons by the Toronto Police Service (TPS), confirms what Black communities have told us – that they are subjected to a disproportionate burden of law enforcement in a way that is consistent with systemic racism and anti-Black racial bias.[i]

TPS data ranging from 2013 to 2017, collected and analyzed by a team of experts, reflects the many ways Black communities are over-charged and over-policed, ranging from laying low-quality discretionary charges to police use of force, with all of its negative and detrimental physical and emotional consequences."

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