Friday, March 15, 2013

NYPD Policy Will Deter Reports from Domestic Violence Victims

As if being beaten within an inch of their lives wasn't enough, now domestic violence victims can be jailed if they have an open warrant and report their beating to the police.

The New York Post reports that NYPD cops are required to run criminal background checks on victims of domestic violence.

Women who report domestic violence are exposing themselves to arrest under a new NYPD directive that orders cops to run criminal checks on the accused and the accuser, The Post has learned.

The memo by Chief of Detectives Phil Pulaski requires detectives to look at open warrants, complaint histories and even the driving records of both parties.

“You have no choice but to lock them up” if the victims turn out to have warrants, including for minor offenses like unpaid tickets, a police source said.

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